Look for Contractors That Carry Workers’ Comp and Liability Insurance

smiling worker on whiteContractors must be licensed, and their legal name needs to be registered. Contractors for account purposes must carry worker’s compensation insurance and liability insurance.

Not having this in place puts the business owner in jeopardy as well as the client. It becomes a required for all accounts involving contractors. As always the consumer must verify all credentials with the contractor.

These requirements will significantly reduce the risk for the consumer, but as always remind everyone that there does not seem to be any guaranteed way to eliminate risk.

Imagine what would happen if there was a death, fire, or an explosion.

Imagine what would happen if there was any damage caused as a result of a renovation of the consumer’s property or to the neighbors of that consumer.   Just the lawyer’s fees alone would place significant stress on all involved.

If the contractor cannot set the credentials of liability insurance, Site Admin moves the contractor to an Information Profile.

The Site automatically reduces the subscription to an Information Only profile should the subscription be canceled.  The business may also be archived.  See When We Archive a Business.

Please Note That We Place the Following Content Into Every Profile.

  • Information Only Profiles are as advertised to the public on the internet. 
  • Use this Site as only one source of information and seek other sources if possible. 
  • The Site as a matter of policy does not recommend, accredit, suggest, promote, or validate any business. Consumers do that through reviews.
  • Site Admin provides links to other review locations in the business profile that the business owner cannot delete or change.  
  • Check Better Business Bureau Report if available. 
  • Subscription types give business owners different advertising options, but the Site does not suggest that credibility determines subscription level.  
  • Users can use the advanced features of the Credentials Search to determine the degree of reliability for each business.  
  • It is the responsibility of the user to check the credentials advertised by the business.
  • Notify Site Admin immediately where the business is advertising credentials they do not have, or information is not current.
  • The company and the consumer entirely determine transactions with each other.  
  • Safe and Trusted Canada does not mediate complaints, issues, or concerns.  
  • Seek legal advice for complex transactions.
  • Protect your interests as removal of the business may occur at any time.