What is a Basic Subscription?

Safe and Trusted Canada ( The Site) provides the option for The Basic Subscription at no cost.

This account type provides the account holder with access to place up to 5 subcategories into their Profile and places that profile in up to 1 trade area adjacent to the business location. See the application. SATCanada

This subscription is the next step up from an  Information Only Profile.  This account access is free and allows the business owner an overview of what we offer. As a business owner, you will be able to place all your business credentials into your content management area, as well as what makes you different and much more. 

All account holders have the ability to bypass their competition on this website by linking their Safe and Trusted Profile directly to their business website.  This means that the user does not have to search you out as a business on the Safe and Trusted site which could also mean that your customers won’t see your competition.   This advantage could be huge for you as a business owner in many ways.  

Use your profile to augment your website.  You can add material on your profile easier than on your website and more importantly the user doesn’t see your competition in the process.  Imagine all the material on your Safe and Trusted Canada profile that is not on your website.

Payments can be made by credit card, cheque or electronic transfer. There are no refunds for paid accounts as The Site gives the Basic Account at no charge for evaluation purposes of our Site Content Management System.

This account type provides the account holder with access to place up to 5 subcategories into their profile.  The account holder has the ability to place that profile in up to 1 trade area adjacent to the business location.   Please note your trade area is the physical location of your business. 

Every View is measured for the Business Owner. The measured views are secured in the content management pages for the business and are not displayed for public view. See More 

All our account types are for legitimate businesses.  Your business needs to be registered and licensed and cannot have known issues readily apparent to consumers.    Businesses applying for all subscription types have to be approved by Safe and Trusted Canada taking into consideration years in business and their overall business record.   See other Subscription Types.

The business is in the fifth tier of the database.  Display of the business occurs above Information Only Profiles and any others who may have signed up for the Basic Subscription after your business in your region or categories.  Your listed business credentials also impact the order of display.  The Professional Subscription is listed in the database according to our Business Order of Display


Every business has business credentials.  Is the Advertised Name registered? Is the business licensed for the business category and city or town? How many years have they been in business is also a factor. 

If you are a contractor in addition to the above, do you carry worker’s compensation, liability insurance and do you provide written contracts and warranty?  So in addition to the subscription level, business credentials provide the consumer with the separation needed between one business and another.  A business must guarantee that the listed business credentials are accurate.

Link to all your national affiliations like BBB and Chamber of Commerce.  You can also link to all your local affiliations, as well as any business category affiliations that show why customers should pick you.  Affiliations add to the overall credibility of a business.  go to the content management area in the Basic area and under affiliations list each of them.  Place the affiliation’s name, then add the link to your listing with that affiliation.  Place the full link next to the name of the affiliation.  If you have a professional subscription, all the affiliations automatically shorten.  This also works for your website and links back to certain parts of your website.   

One of the benefits of our platform is that the business can place their contact information, links to their social media, their business credentials and links to all their review sites.  They can highlight what makes them different, promotions, now hiring and even specific links to their website.  They manage their own reviews and can send all their information to a potential client in one link.  This gives the business owner the ability to give their clients the whole picture.

Your subscription allows customers to leave reviews.  All reviews are monitored and posted by the business owner.  The advantage here is that as a business owner you are always on top of your business.  You are able to ask for the deletion of corrected reviews from customers or even ask the customer for a new review.  As a business, you are not allowed to review your own business.  There are no more blindsides for your business.  You are able to ask for reviews from all your customers without worrying about what the review will say.  The advantage for you is that you are always on top of your business.

Are you Hiring Staff?  The content management system to place information into your business profile is hiring staff.  The information will be there for every view in all your business categories and trade areas posted for your subscription type. 

The potential new staff will instantly view everything about your company, and as a business owner, you will have the benefit of dealing directly with the potential new hire. 

The best part is that the new potential hire will already know based on your overall profile why they want to work for your company. 

You can place content and direction on how to apply for the job opening, and in our system, you can even place a link directly to your website or another job hiring website that can give them more information.  Remember all links automatically shorten if the business has a professional subscription. 

Does your business use discounts or promotions?  Your account management gives the business owner the ability to have short or long term discounts for customers. 

Place the content in the appropriate area and drive more possible customers to your business.  There is a full range of options, and all you have to remember is to remove the promotion or discount if it is no longer in place. 

You also have the option to link your discount to your website or other promotions website. Remember all links automatically shorten if the business has a professional subscription. 

Do you want a professional video with more than just a link that you own forever without advertising?  This option might be for your business.   A 60-second video for a professional subscription is $549.00 plus taxes.   This video provides key graphics related to your business including your logo, website, and contact information.  You need to provide your logo, script and we ask you to remember to abide by advertising standards in your script.  We don’t redo the video.  The video will be done by our on-camera narrators. We send you an MP4 of the video so you own it forever. 

Safe and Trusted Canada is looking for businesses that have an advertised name that is registered, as well as meeting licensing requirements for the physical trade area of the business.  Years in business matters on our website.  We are looking for businesses that can clearly articulate that in their credentials in the content management area provided in account access. 

In addition to the Business credentials if you are a contractor  The Site allows the contractor to indicate that they have liability insurance, worker’s compensation, and warranties in writing.   We are looking for businesses that can clearly articulate that in their credentials in the content management area provided in account access. 

The business agrees that Safe and Trusted Canada can use data from your business website to enhance your profile for your listing with your permission. Our staff develop a profile based on your website and other internet content.  Safe and Trusted Canada will assign your selected company representative or representatives with account privileges to control and manage your listing.  All we need is an email from the owner of the company to set this up for you at no charge.  

We will now also send only to the business owner a reputation management report at no charge if they have a higher subscription level than the Basic Subscription. so that you have a better idea of all the mentions, review sites, and social media mentions about your business. This is at no charge for the Professional Subscription.  This will give you an independent review and you may wish to purchase a yearly option at 49.00 per month plus GST.

A strong social media presence will help you gain exposure and increase your web traffic. With Social Marketing you will have all the tools you need to grow your social following and turn online leads into customers. 

Unlimited posts that you control as the business owner at only $29.00 plus applicable taxes.  Our pricing is in Canadian Dollars and the software is provided by a Canadian supplier.  Please note that there is no setup fee and no long-term commitment. Just give us  60 days notice of cancellation of accounts paid monthly. See More. 

The business owner agrees that they will receive emails from Safe and Trusted Canada regarding customer reviews, instructions, updates and monthly newsletters. See your content management system for your business in the video below. 

See our Video Tutorials.

As with all subscriptions, the company must be responsible and accountable.  Business owners with subscriptions must ensure the accuracy of credentials in their profile. The business owner can ask all the customers for reviews, post the reviews and handle issues in private.  The business owner must ensure that they do not post reviews from anyone connected with their company. See Alerts. 

Some business categories are not part of the Site.  Our current category options are the same in every city and town.   See Saskatoon as an example. The Site is currently expanding. See other areas. 

How are reviews Processed?   

The Site automatically reduces the subscription to an Information Only profile should the subscription be cancelled.  The company may also be archived.  See When We Archive a Business.


  • Information Only Profiles are as advertised to the public on the internet. 
  • As a matter of policy, the Site does not recommend, accredit, suggest, promote, or validate any business. Consumers do that through reviews.
  • The Site provides public links to review sites that permit us to publish those links.
  • The Site provides private links to all other trademarked review sites about the business directly only through their account access.     
  • Subscription types give business owners different advertising options, but the Site does not suggest that credibility determines the subscription level.  
  • Users can use the Credentials Search’s advanced features to determine the degree of reliability for each business.  
  • It is the responsibility of the user to check the credentials advertised by the business.  
  • Notify Site Admin immediately where the business is advertising credentials they do not have, or information is not current.
  • The company and the consumer entirely determine transactions with each other. 
  • Safe and Trusted Canada does not mediate complaints, issues, or concerns.  
  • Seek legal advice for complex transactions.
  • Protect your interests as the removal of the business may occur at any time. 
  • See all subscription types for businesses
  • See our YouTube Channel playlists.  


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