Consumer Alerts

Consumer Alerts are from a variety of sources and include warnings from Better Business Bureau and other agencies.  The intent of the alert is to give you as a consumer the ability to understand what to look for in order to protect yourself and others.  Feel free to share on social media.

The Smart and Educated consumer understands that they need to protect their interests fully at all times, and will never rely on just a website telling them who to select when they may be shelling out thousands of dollars. The Smart and Educated consumer knows that there are no Sites that can guarantee any business and that they should use this Site as one avenue of research in their selection process.  You should seek legal assistance in situations involving large sums of money. Any business can claim bankruptcy without warning.

The Site as a matter of policy does not recommend, accredit, suggest, promote, or validate any business over another.  Consumers do that through reviews.  Subscription types give business owners different advertising options, but the Site does not suggest that credibility determines subscription level.  Users can use the advanced features of the Credentials Search to determine the degree of reliability for each business. 

The business and the consumer determine transactions with each other and Safe and Trusted Canada does not mediate complaints, issues, or concerns. A business that has an F-Rating with Better Business Business Bureau cannot have account status and becomes an Information Only profile.

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