Consumer Links to Protect Yourself Today

This post may give you information to protect your interests as the consumer. Just click on the links in bold.

Better Business Bureau.   This link provides access to all the Bureaus in Canada. At these links, you will be able to view businesses that may not be on Safe and Trusted Canada. Also, you will be able to detailed reports, complaint history.  In addition to actual submitting a complaint, the consumer can also leave a review about the business if they have had a financial transaction with the business.

Biz Pal – Gives the legal and licensing requirements for all businesses in Canada by city and province.  The importance of this is that you can check the requirements that a contractor must have and then ask for proof of those requirements. Contractors and other business categories can ensure that they are meeting the needs of their province and city for their business category.

The Little Black Book of Scams – This can be found on the Competition Bureau’s website and is available to consumers and businesses in download form as well as viewing the content online.

Competition Bureau Inquiries and Complaints.  This link will give the business or the consumer the ability to file a complaint using the tools at this link.

Snopes – This site has a wealth of information in several different categories.  The link that we have provided takes the viewer directly to the scams section.

Federal Bureau of Investigation– This site has some excellent ideas on how to spot telemarketing fraud, and consumers can reduce risk.

The Site as a matter of policy does not recommend, accredit, suggest, promote, or validate any business over another.  Consumers do that through reviews. Subscription types give business owners different advertising options, but the Site does not suggest that credibility determines subscription level.  Users can use the advanced features of the Credentials Search to determine the degree of reliability for each business.  The business and the consumer determine transactions with each other and Safe and Trusted Canada does not mediate complaints, issues, or concerns.