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The Site allows the business owner to place content on the profile. Any content that is not true is a violation of our Site. 

A business owner has the ability to place business credentials about their business. If a business owner selected a credential that was untrue it is a violation of our Site.   As an example, if the business owner indicated they were licensed and they were discovered in a complaint they were not, that would be giving false information. 

A business owner that posts reviews that they initiated as reviews from customers would be giving false information. 

We place a one year alert on the business, after which we archive the business from the Site. 

Business Requirement Links for Businesses.

In Canada, there seems to be a general consensus that a business should only advertise under their registered name, and obtain licensing for their municipal town or city. 

Certain categories of businesses need additional licensing dependent on the services they are providing. The following gives the business owner information where they can seek more information.  The information belongs to those websites. 

It should be noted that Bizpal is highlighted as a resource in more than one province. That particular site highlights requirements for various categories and municipalities. Bizpal

Other provinces and territories are listed below. 

Canada British Columbia
Alberta Saskatchewan
Manitoba Ontario
Quebec New Brunswick
Prince Edward Island Nova Scotia
Newfoundland and Labrador   Northwest Territories
Nunavat Yukon







Responding to a review

Step 1  The Business Owner receives an email
A customer has submitted a review of your business to Safe and Trusted. You have ten days to respond to this review, after which time it may be posted by the Safe and Trusted administrators. Please log in to your account here to interact with this review. 
If you feel you are receiving this email in error, please contact Safe and Trusted at

Step 2  Log into the site. 

Step 3 – Go to the Review area of your business

Step 4 – Process the Review

Step 5 – See Rejected Review Process

Step 6 – Adf Have Access to All Remin Stafviews. 

Step 7 – Customer Can Ask for Deletion of Review at any time.