Account Holders Can Add Optional Custom Video

Our system allows a business to purchase a custom photo montage for their business or a media release up to 60 seconds in length.

Video investment for your business is one of the best marketing tools you can use for your business.   

The investment starts at $599.00.  

The size of your video can be anywhere up to one minute in total length.   The video is yours forever at no extra costs.  You can place it on your video channel, your website or your social media. This makes perfect sense for your business and the video is sent to you in MP4 format after your approval and payment. 

It is your responsibility to ensure you have your script and content.  

Please be advised that we will not do videos for everyone.  We work with credible businesses and our ideal client is a business owner that understands their ideal market and what makes them different from their competition. 

A 30-second video normally has 5 to 6 lines of text with 12 images.  A 60-second video has about 10 to 11 lines of text with about 15 images.   The business must supply their own images.   

The client is responsible for their content, but we will assist if required. Video engages the client.  Some indicate that that video increases the overall profile on Google.  See Link.  

The client is responsible for all uses of logo use and should consider what logos they use in their video.  Placing a logo in a video that you are no longer able to use could cause you problems as a business owner and ultimate loss or your investment.  

Safe and Trusted Canada gives video credits to businesses that refer other businesses to our Site and that referral becomes a paid subscription type for one year.  

See Samples of our videos that we have done for clients.