How to Manage Your Basic Profile on Safe and Trusted Canada

This video is about managing your Basic Profile on the Safe and Trusted Site.   The video is placed at the bottom of this post. 

The first thing you will notice is that one account holder can manage numerous listings and profiles.  We will use the profile Test Us Out as a demo account to ensure that you understand the content management system. 

The content management system has many tabs that will impact your business profile.  Some areas apply to higher account types.   

The first one is the Basic Info Tab.   Here you start with your Business Name, Address, City, Province, and postal code.   Please note that if this area’s content has extra spaces before or after the entry,  then the listing will show up as blank.  This will happen if you are copying content rather than entering content. 

Enter your phone numbers correctly with either a period or dash between the numbers. You do not have to enter a 1 before any of the numbers. 

Enter your email address.  Please note that the email address must coincide with the email address associated with the business from their website.  We often have marketing people acting as if they are the business owner, and for our purposes, we prefer to deal with only the business owner. 

The business owner has the option of receiving emails directly from consumers through Safe and Trusted Canada.  If this is turned off, the consumer needs to contact you directly by phone or your website.   If it is turned on, the consumer can use the Site to contact you through Safe and Trusted Canada.  This may increase spam to your email account, and if it does, you can revert to the original option available.  Remember to update your business frequently.  There are update buttons at the top and the bottom. 

You can use the affiliations area to place all your affiliations to organizations.  This may include Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, or other professional organizations.  If you place the name of the organization and then the link next to it the following will occur,  The link is displayed and the user can place the link into their browser to check the accuracy of your claim to that affiliation.  If the business has a professional subscription then the link automatically shortens and becomes a direct link. 

The start date of your business is simply the year.  

The About Us are allows the business owner to copy from their website or reinvent content that may not properly be displayed on their website. 

The Business Detail allows unlimited text but people like to see factual information first.  No puffery, just what you provide as a business.  Don’t forget to update your business. 

The Our Ideal Client area allows you as a business owner to place content in this area that can hone in on what you like to do as a business owner or who you like to work with as a business owner.  Choose your content well.  This content is not usually found on most websites. 

The What Makes Us Different area allows the business owner to indicate what may separate their business from their competition.  Rather than indicate what you think makes you different, tell the story as if your top clients were writing it in terms like this.  Our clients tell us that the following makes us different as a business. 

The Keywords area can be used to ensure that your profile is quickly seen on Safe and Trusted Canada.   It is not similar to Google keywords but to make it easier for consumers to find you on the Site.  An example of this is where your business name has special characters that consumers may not place into the search bar. 

The Now Hiring area can be filled out if you have a higher account status which allows more categories for your business. 

Similar to this is the Discounts and Promotions area.  This won’t work for you if you have a Basic Subscription.  You wouldn’t want to use these areas if it means that you are losing business categories..  Business categories increase by account type. 

You can upload your logo easily and should do so to have a better presentation. 

At the bottom, you will see Page Views.    This is the number of page views that the business has received and is confidential to the business owner only.  Please note that while you are working on your content management area, your page views do not increase.  It is only when the consumer or yourself views the live listing.   Remember to update your information. 

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