How to Manage Categories on Safe and Trusted Canada.

Welcome to Safe and Trusted Canada.

This video is about managing your business categories for your business profile.   

We will use the profile Test Us Out as a demo account to ensure that understand the content management system. 

The content management system has many tabs that will impact your business profile.  Some areas apply to higher account types. 

The second one is the Categories Tab.   The first thing to remind you is that the number of business subcategories categories is determined by your subscription type.  Our system allows the following.

Basic Subscription  – 5 subcategories
Plus Subscription – 20 subcategories
Standard Subscription – 30 subcategories
Advanced Subscription – 40  subcategoires 
Professional Subscription – 60 subcategories. 

The exception to this applies to Restaurants and Hotels.  Those business categories are researched and categories automatically added by our admin staff to ensure that the consumer has a complete presentation of that business.   Hotel amenities, as well as types of restaurants, are necessary to the consumer.  

Each subscription level also affects Business placement in our database as well as the ability to add images, PDF documents and YouTube videos.   
Here is how it works. 

The consumer has search options.  They can search from the main site by business name, city, province or phone number.   They can even search by the last 4 digits of a phone number. 

The consumer can search by business category.   We never know what the consumer will search for in the categories and that is why we have options for the business owner. 

Placement of business categories in alphabetical order would be a nightmare for business owners to ensure they have the proper categories.   If the business goes to the tab trade areas you will quickly see how we have grouped the different major categories.  The reason for this is that businesses can easily ensure that they are selecting the proper categories for their business and consumers can easily compare similar groups of businesses. 

A business should select the primary category first and then the first subcategory in that primary to be properly indexed on our Site.

Jobs and Promotions are at the top of every trade area.   This is new to the Site.

Restaurants and Hotels, the hospitality area has the first group.

Automotive categories are in the second group.

Contractors are in the third group. 

Business Professionals are in the fourth group.

Health Professionals are in the fifth group.

Government and Cities are in the sixth group.

All other categories are in alphabetical order. 

As an example In the demo account, we have listed  Test Us Out in the roofing category.  We have listed the first subcategory under roofing which is contractors.   We have then listed a total of 19 subcategories. 

Some roofers will want to be listed in the Contractor area directly for more exposure. 

Some roofers that do other work with roofing may want to be seen under Eavestrough, Siding and Soffits.  Some may wish to be seen in the Renovation area.  Each subcategory increases exposure but may require the business to seek a higher subscription level.  The Professional Subscription offers the most options for overall value to the business owner. 

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