Become an Independent Business Affiliate Today

Our Independent Business Affiliate program is ideal for business organizations or individuals seeking extra income by assisting other businesses in marketing. 

The Independent Affiliate is not an employee, works their own hours, and covers their own expenses. They must have worker’s compensation clearance and will be covered if they are in Saskatchewan by Safe and Trusted Canada. 

They must have worker’s compensation clearance if they reside out of the province of Saskatchewan or be a business operation in another province. 

The ideal client will need to have:

  • High-Speed Internet
  • Preferably a desktop with two or more monitors
  • Superior computer skills including research, and database entry. 
  • Superior writing and verbal communication skills.
  • Long-distance plan, mobile phone and professional office setup. 

Our structure gives the independent affiliate commission on all subscription types for both initial and renewal accounts for all paid accounts.  Ask us more by phone or email.  

We would also work with non-profit organizations giving their membership more exposure on the internet with a direct link to that organization in the business profile.  For non-profits, this would give a one-time referral fee. 

In addition, we offer a range of other products like reputation management, social media marketing and search engine optimization.    

We train you in what we want as an organization. Compensation is restricted to paid account referrals and renewals.   If interested, and you are a fit for us as Independent Business Affiliate then contact us at

Safe and Trusted Canada makes it easier for businesses to display why consumers should choose them over others.  So as an Independent Business Affiliate it is not your job to select and sort businesses based on your personal opinion.  The system we have will automatically provide information necessary for the consumer to sort and select businesses based on credentials, review sites, and content from the business owner.  This is why we place the following content in every business profile. 

The Site automatically reduces the subscription to an Information Only profile should the subscription be cancelled.  The business may also be archived. When We Archive a Business.

Please Note That We Place the Following Content Into Every Profile.

  • Information Only Profiles are as advertised to the public on the internet. 
  • Use this Site as only one source of information and seek other sources if possible. 
  • The Site as a matter of policy does not recommend, accredit, suggest, promote, or validate any business. Consumers do that through reviews.
  • Site Admin provides links to other review locations in the business profile that the business owner cannot delete or change.  
  • Check Better Business Bureau Report if available. 
  • Subscription types give business owners different advertising options, but the Site does not suggest that credibility determines subscription level.  
  • Users can use the advanced features of the Credentials Search to determine the degree of reliability for each business.  
  • It is the responsibility of the user to check the credentials advertised by the business.
  • Notify Site Admin immediately where the business is advertising credentials they do not have, or information is not current.
  • The company and the consumer entirely determine transactions with each other.  
  • Safe and Trusted Canada does not mediate complaints, issues, or concerns.  
  • Seek legal advice for complex transactions.
  • Protect your interests as removal of the business may occur at any time.




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